Victor Shih

CTO, Co-founder


Victor has lived coast to coast, starting in the San Francisco Bay Area and ending up in bustling New York City. Though he’s adopted the busy lifestyle of the city that never sleeps, he still retains the laid back attitude of the Golden State. There is nothing that stirs his passion as much as working to advance the field of AI. That isĀ until you bring up his dog.


M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
B.E. Computer and Electrical Engineering, Duke University

Victor has a prized multidisciplinary academic background and is excited by the possibilities unleashed by integrating or augmenting the human body with silicon-based technology. Victor’s research work has focused on machine learning using high-dimensional time-series data and utilizing physiological signals to inform artificial intelligence. Victor has also worked for DARPA and Army Research Lab on projects to develop Brain Computer Interfaces. Jack of many trades, Victor loves tinkering with computing hardware, programming for VR, and hacking deep learning code for cloud platforms.

Works and Publications