Mobility Leadership

Sameer Saproo, CEO at Braiq

22 March 2016

Braiq exhibited at the first World Mobility Leadership Forum held in Detroit.

Braiq was invited to attend and exhibit at this exclusive event organized by Bill Ford in Detroit last month. It was a great experience with many opportunities to hold meaningful discussions on the future of mobility with some fantastic individuals. Thanks to Bill for organizing this.

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO Volvo

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO Volvo

Although there were many great speakers, I was particularly struck by the vision of Hakan Samuelsson, the CEO of Volvo, who described not just Volvo’s way forward but also exhibited a strong commitment to challenging goals – no fatalities in Volvo cars in the next decade. Volvo is and has been a pathfinder in the automotive industry. We are excited about their collaboration with Uber to bring AVs to the mass market sooner than 2020.

Executive summary of World Mobility Forum can be found here (with a pic of our booth).