We are creating the personalized automated driving experience that you can trust

The Vision & Mission

We are taking a different view of automated driving

Humans are diverse. We may not notice, but we have different expectations when it comes to comfort and preferences. When there is a gap between expectation and experience, we’re uncomfortable. With the inevitable growth and proliferation of autonomous vehicles, the failure to recognize this fundamental reality can significantly affect consumer adoption. BRAIQ closes that gap so that your car learns to drive just the way you prefer. This personalization not only increases passenger comfort but also increases trust in automated driving technology.

How it Works

Artificial intelligence with human intuition

Equipped with BRAIQ, self-driving cars also consider the humans inside the vehicle to determine how to drive. Existing interior sensors collect biometric information about passenger comfort as the vehicle travels, based on acceleration, braking, steering, etc. This data is aggregated and analyzed securely in the cloud. The result of this process is an A.I. whose driving style is responsive to a passenger’s comfort. Thus, BRAIQ adds an essential layer of Emotional Intelligence on top of Artificial Intelligence.

The Design Impact

We’re pioneering an invisible technology, with endless design possibilities

Invisible Car Technology

Invisible Tech

We focus on the integration of unobtrusive sensor hardware and machine learning software to optimize passenger comfort without requiring any active input.

Platform Integration

Platform Integration

We believe in creating flexible tech that can work within the constraints of existing automated and semi-automated driving platforms.

Novel Design Applications

Novel Design Possibilities

Incorporating smart sensor technology into the functional form of a vehicle opens up new possibilities for the design of the automated travel experience.

Beta Launch

We launch a software module for seamless and robust assessment of emotional experience in automotive environments.

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EEG and cars

Realities of Brain-Computer Interfaces for the Automotive Industry: Pitfalls and Opportunities

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eM3 Launch (beta)

eM3 module launched for beta testing

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Braiq @ CES 2018

Meet us in Vegas!

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Transportation revolutions to #doMoreFaster

CEO’s opinion piece

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The self-driving landscape

Medium article by our intern

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Braiq + PlugAndPlay

We are among the top 2%

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IEEE Computer

Braiq publishes paper in IEEE Journal ‘Computer’

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World Mobility Leadership Forum

Braiq exhibits at the first world mobility leadership forum

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Braiq selected for TechStars accelerator program

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